The Uniqueness of Cool Gadgets from Sony 2017

It looks like Sony will not miss the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2017 with just the article gadget Japanese manufacturer is currently preparing two phones is still quite mysterious. Not much information is discussed on both the mobile phone. so far, emerging about the code development that are called G3112 and G3121 so cannot be known whether the two cool gadgets from Sony 2017 is the flagship phone or simply intended to fill the middle class. However, the gadget company will announce on excellence and detail specifications of both phones are on the opening day of MWC 2017.


The latest leaks about the latest mobile phone from Sony is scheduled to be announced at the opening of the MWC 2017 is derived from the social network Weibo explaining about the size of the screen that will be used on both cool gadgets from Sony, 2017. Both of the latest mobile phone from Sony will use the screen with the size 5 inch and 5.2 inch FHD and has a resolution of 1080 x 1920. in addition to the news about the screen size, there is also another newspaper that mentions about the size of the screen used on both the mobile phone is more than 5.5 inches with a resolution of 4K. These sizes are categorized as premium class version. The screen resolution will be the same used on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, which offers 2160 x 3840. In addition to leaks about the size of the screen, there is also a mention about the leaks that 4GB RAM usage on both the latest mobile phone from Sony in 2017. In addition to both these leaks, no other more detailed information about these two phones that will be one of the cool gadgets from Sony 2017.


In addition to the planned launch of the Sony Xperia with code development of G3112 and G3121, no other info that explain about the planned launch of the other cool gadgets from Sony 2017. In order to celebrate the release of the game Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix released a super car not only dressed in the style of Final Fantasy XV also released the merchandise to the game, namely the Sony Walkman Limited Edition Final Fantasy XV. This is a cool gadget dream for fans of Final Fantasy XV. Sony Walkman A series that has been dressed according to the theme of the game that looks very beautiful and wonderful. Selection of silver-black colors that are characteristic strong game Final Fantasy XV reinforced by the image of pixilated Noctis and his friends. Not just from the looks alone, cool gadgets from Sony and Square Enix are actually equipped with a voice and a specification that is qualified to pamper users. In addition, Sony also complements the cool gadgets by releasing of two accessories that support the use of these gadgets with designs of Final Fantasy XV as well. The accessories are Hear.On MDR-100A headphones and Bluetooth speaker Hear.Go SRS-HG1.


The existence of a variety of cool gadgets from Sony 2017 will certainly be more enliven gadget market filled with various latest and innovative products. For you lovers of gadgets, you should not miss to choose a cool gadget that suits your needs and financial capabilities

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