New Electronic Gadgets 2017

2017 is almost come, and we are expecting a bunch of cool new electronic gadgets. Below we will find some of the most popular electronic gadgets likely to launch in 2017.


Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list, and it does not account for the surprises we will likely see next year. But these are the newest electronic gadgets we think should be the most excited about.

samsung 8

Samsung Galaxy S8
The first opportunity for the Korean technology vendor to recover from its Galaxy Note 7 debacle will come with the launch of a new flagship phone, which is the Galaxy S8 that is predicted will be launched in the spring of 2017.


While we do not know too much about the smartphone, the Korean based company has announced that the smartphone will include a new digital assistant brought by Viv, the artificial intelligence startup bought by Samsung earlier this year and was founded by the same people who built Siri. Samsung has been working on bendable displays for some years, but next year could be the first time we actually see it in a smartphone. The Korean based company filed a patent for such a device recently, fueling speculation that it will be come soon.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

The future of Samsung’s Note flagships are uncertain, following the unprecedented recall of the Galaxy Note 7.


There have been some rumors said that Samsung may abandon its Note flagship altogether next year. But if the Samsung Note does make its return, then expect to find it in the fall.


A New Apple iPads

According to some reports, Apple is expected to refresh its iPad lineup next year.


The new Apple iPad models will focus on the Pro line, with the improvement focus on the Pencil stylus as well as new screen sizes.


Apple New iMac

While the iMac has been upgraded with new, high-res displays in recent years, it is been a long time since the American based company has significantly updated the PC.


Some reporters said that Apple has considered adding the new USB-C port to its iMac lineup, which something make sense because the company’s other PCs are adopting the new standard too.


But, there have not been any solid reports on the timing of the new Apple’s iMac.

iphone 8

Apple iPhone 8

According to various rumors and reports, the next iPhone smartphone is going to get a major refresh.


The so-called Apple iPhone 8 is said to have an all-glass design, an organic LED display that will be able to deliver better images, new screen sizes, and no home buttons. Some media even reported that Apple is working on some new features to mark the iPhone’s 10th birthday next year.

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