6 Gadget for Christmas

So, Christmas will be coming. Some of you might be thinking about having new gadget for this special holiday season. Sure, there will be many gadgets to select and yes, we do have many exciting things to be recommended here. Shopping season has begun and this is a perfect time for us to purchase gifts for our family and friends in time. Here we’ve got all things from the very best consoles, laptops, tablets, phones, speakers, headphones, and tech accessories for everyone. Hopefully you will find a present to suit everyone you loved at most. Our guide here is intended both for Android and iOS users.

gadget for chrismas

Before Christmas, you can buy someone a special gift that would inherit special meaning. Within the realm of gadget and tech, sure the cycle is run fast. Every day we see a new tech, new gadget, and new smartphone. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult for us to find the best gadget or their accessories. However, we come with the best list of accessories to help you choose the best to fit your need. There will be six accessories to be recommended here. Let’s start our discussion with gadget for Android users.


  • For Android users

What are things I need to purchase for Christmas? Well, if you have an iOS or Android device, there is a lot of accessories to pick. And here is a list of the best accessories for Android users we can recommend. We should start with smartwatch, something that is easily forget but proven to be potential.


  1. Smartwatch

This one proven to be a great accessory for an Android phone. It can work like common watch, but with extended functionality. Sure, there are many options available in the market, but we do have one to recommend here, namely the Sony Smartwatch 3. It runs Android Wear, it’s waterproof, and the best thing is: it is affordable. If you are so generous, there are more expensive smartwatches to choose such as Huawei Watch, Apple Watch Series 2, or Motorola Moto 360 2. And if you are not satisfied, the market provides you a long list of smartwatch with traditional rounded watch faces. Aside smartwatch, you can also consider another option such as wearable tech with an activity tracker. Such thing can also show you the time.


  1. Power bank

The more you use smartphone, the faster the battery runs down. This is the main problem with being into smartphones. At which point, you may consider having a power bank in your pocket, especially if you rely heavily on your smartphones. A power bank will be very useful under situation when your battery is out and you don’t bring a charger. That’s why you need a power bank in your bag.


Power banks come in different sizes. The market provides a small bank that can slip easily into your pocket. On the other side, there is a high-capacity packs which proves to be useful for a long use. Perhaps the best one would be that of Zendure A2, which is good in terms of price, durability, size, performance, and capacity.


  1. Desktop charger

We do realize that ‘charging’ is a thing with smartphones. Mind you, there won’t be enough power in your smartphone if you are not realized the importance behind a concept of ‘charging’. Most of us don’t have time to doing or even thinking about ‘charging’, and we just pick up a device and continue using it. By thinking about ‘charging’, we should also consider about choosing the best device to help us charge a phone efficiently.


We have desktop chargers in our mind, a little box that offers six or five USB ports and a port to connect the device to the mains. Each USB port can be used to charge multiple devices at full-speed. It means we can charge our camera, e-reader, tablet, phone and more gadgets at one time. Speaking of desktop chargers, Choetech 60W 6-port desktop USB charger is our favorite.


  • For iPhone users

What are the best accessories for iPhone users? Our list here is intended to help you find some inspiration. Let’s start with Apple Watch.


  1. Apple Watch

This one is a brilliant accessory, dedicated for iPhone and its users. Yes, it has become a great deal for this Christmas. Some would actually think that an Apple Watch is pricey for a Christmas gift. However, an Apple Watch is intended for one who is not afraid of wasting more money. A Sport model of Apple Watch with a silicone band and aluminum starts at £299. There is also an option such as gold Apple Watch edition, which starts at £21200. Of course, the latter mentioned is not for common people. Rather, the gold Apple Watch edition is intended for celebrities.


  1. Fitness Tracker

If your budget isn’t enough for an Apple Watch, you can consider other form of wearable tech such as activity trackers. The best one is Fitbit Charge HR, a top wearable tech within our list of activity tracker. When in use, Fitbit Charge HR will help you monitor fitness in real-time. The thing can even track your heart rate too. For one Fitbit Charge HR, you have to pay £119. It’s quite cheap, and you can even grab it for under £100. Do you want something that is more special? You can go for the Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser. This one is sold for £115.


  1. Speakers

A brilliant gift can be found from a form of speakers. This one has become one of the best iPhone accessories to select. You can pick up one of those for under £100. Our favorite is Envaya Mini from Denon. We love this one, as we can grab it for £80. If you deserve a more adventurous speaker, why don’t go for Fugoo + Style waterproof speaker. This one is more friendly if you are a person who like to own a tough speaker. A stylish option such as Jarre AeroSkull Nano is also there for those who love fashion.

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